updated: Tahiti Vanille

Alain ABEL at Tahiti Vanille (formerly La Vanillère) just sent some new info on their three premier growing regions in Tahiti (cru Raiatea, cru Tahaa, and cru Bora-Bora):

…for the past hundred years, almost all of the thousand Polynesian Vanilla growers have no longer prepared their own vanillas (drying); they pick them and sell them to the few preparers active in the territory. The result is that each preparer obtains vanilla from at least one hundred planters spread out over the entire archipelago. All of the vanilla from the various plantations and islands is thus mixed together and prepared at the same time.

Once the notion of terroir was Cbandoned, the vanillas were no longer distinguishable. “There was a need to recapture the nourishing terroirs of our precious Tahitian Vanilla, differentiate them, identify them, make them known.”…

While most Tahiti grown vanilla goes through a central curer like Jean Chan, these guys do it a bit different and are winning big awards.

Here's the rest. I'll have a plantation gallery posted in a few days.

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