Working on the spam

We’ve picked up a ton of spammers as the site becomes more popular. Please note that I delete all commercial e-mails not related to vanilla. Anything related to vanilla is fine, even if it’s kind of ‘spammy’. Links to mortgage discounters and little blue pills endorsed by former republican presidential candidate Bob Dole are not relevant to the site.

I’ve implemented four layers of spam filtering. All comments with links are held for moderation. I’ll let anything through so long as it’s relevant to vanilla (see above). All comments that contain certain words are automatically trashed with no possibility for review or retrieval. If you really need to talk about viagra on this site, you’ll need my prior approval.

**Update** There is no need to be concerned about your comments. We’ve been hit by spammers with lists of 20 or 30 links to spam sites, that’s what we’re filtering.