Villa Vanilla, Costa Rica

Welcome to Villa Vanilla

Henry at Villa Vanilla/Rainforest Spices in Costa Rica sent this great description of the vanilla operation:

I have been in vanilla production for 21 years and I was Frontier’s Natural Products organic supplier in the 90′s. A blight affected the vanilla production in mid-late 90′s and I discovered biodynamic cultural practices as a remedy to continue growing vanilla. My farm is the first Demeter certified biodynamic farm in Central America and I have since worked in vanilla in Mexico, El Salvador, Hawaii, Madagascar and Costa Rica.

The farm is located close to Manuel Antonio National Park, a major tourist destination. I host students and tourists for our educational tour “Spices, Gardens & more…” and successfully sell our spices at retail prices at our well known “Spice Shoppe”.

Henry Karczynski
Villa Vanilla, Costa Rica

Thanks Henry! Check back soon for more info on these biodynamic, sustainably grown, vanilla beans from Costa Rica.