Villa Vanilla Costa Rica visit

College student groupWelcome to Villa VanillaJames visited Villa Vanilla in Costa Rica last year, and left with spices and fond memories. He shares his experience visiting the vanilla and spice plantation:

It’s a year since we were there (with my wife, her brother and his wife who live there). We were there in late Jan/08.

Overall my memory is of a pleasant experience-the plantation tour was really an eye-opener! We got a lot of information we’d never have got otherwise. The origin of his vanilla plants was a surprise, and the fact that the cinnamon he grows is the true species (the taste and aroma are really distinct from the species commonly sold [in Canada]). His farming techniques are organic and truly sustainable.

The degree of hospitality was also a pleasant experience. We were given as close to a red carpet treatment as possible in an essentially agricultural environment, and that put the icing on the cake. I have no problem recommending Villa Vanilla as a destination. The only negative was that the sign on the road was not easy to find; he said he was doing something about it [ed: see the picture of the new sign above].

James plans to order more vanilla, peppercorns, and cinnamon from Vanilla Vanilla’s online store.

Thanks for the report James. Reader reports are always welcome, just share them through the contact form.

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