Spices of Fiji Vanilla

Vanilla is much more than a tasty ingredient! It can help treat acne, improve hair growth, protect the heart, reduce inflammation and so much more!

1. Weight Control

Some studies suggest that vanilla has appetite suppressing properties. This, along with the cholesterol reduction can help improve metabolism and help you towards your weight loss goals. Learn more about Carbofix.

2. Inflammation Reduction

Vanilla has been used for centuries in various forms to help relieve inflammation, particularly of the liver. Good news for sufferers of gout, arthritis, and other conditions.

3. Healthy Heart

Studies have shown that the active ingedient, vanillin, can reduce cholesterol levels in the human body. Reducing bad cholesterol can help prevent blood clots, artery inflammation and even prevent atherosclerosis.

4. Hair Care

Vanilla is a common ingredient in many beauty products thanks to its beneficial properties to hair and skin. It has been shown to strengthen hair and encourage hair growth. Mix with a bit of natural oil (such as coconut oil) and it can be used as a deep conditioning treatment! For more healthy supplements and treatments visit Thehealthmania.com.

5. Fights Acne

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, vanilla can be used to help combat acne prone skin. It may even rude the appearance of acne scars.

6. Helps You Heal

Did you know vanilla is rich in antioxidants? This can help prevent cells and tissues from breaking down, and even stimulate the body’s natural regrowth. Studies have shown that vanilla contains antibacterial properties, which can help lower stress on the body and protect your immune system. This can help you body heal and recover faster from illness and injury.

7. Soothes Anxiety

Some people find aromatherapy to be extremely beneficial in soothing anxiety and stress. Vanilla specifically has been shown to dramatically improve mood and induce a sense of calm.

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11 Responses to “Spices of Fiji Vanilla”

  1. Rita says:

    Dear Dr. Ronald Gatty,
    I love your products and believe they should be sold as the best (produce from Fiji)) available on todays world-wide market!

    Kind Regards,


  2. iliesa marawa says:

    Bula Veronica.
    I am schooling at Alafua campus, Western Samoa and researching for agrotourism. I kow you have started there on your farm. Would like to know an update on the progress price, products, future products, annual budgets. Thus project will due next coming Monday so I need your assistance.
    God bless.


    Iliesa Marawa

  3. amaysa hope says:

    Hi veronica,
    I am working for homes of hope ,it is a home for single moms.
    we would like to grow vanilla and pepper.It would be very helpful
    if you could help us.
    may god bless you,
    amaysa hope


    bula veronica,
    i am a student in laucala campus,usp,suva and m doing an assignment regarding ‘ADOPTION OF VANILLA CROP IN FIJI’.i am looking for more information regarding the topic……..hope i could get more help and information from you…this project is due end of dis week and i need your insant assistance….
    thank you…

    camari ramacake

  5. bulou batikolikoli says:

    Bula Veronica,
    Iam a student a the University of the South Pacific (Laucala campus) and i am majoring in agriculture.I would like you to assist me in doing my assignment on “Adoption of Vanilla crop in Fiji”.Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

    Bulou Batikolikoli

  6. Ulaiasi Cagilevu says:

    Bula Veronica,
    I am a final year student at the University of the South Pacific in Western Samoa. As part of my AG312 course (Marketing of Agricultural Products), I am supposed to prepare a paper on the prspects of a Spice Industry in Fiji. Kindly asking your offie if I can be provided with some of the information on the production and marketing of your products. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.
    Vinaka and god bless.
    Ulaiasi Cagilevu

  7. viliame says:

    Cola Vina Veronica,
    I am a form 7 student of Suva Sangam College and i would like you to assist me in doing my English project on “vanilla farming in Wainadoi”based on the theme Economic Development In Fiji.I would like to know more information about vanilla farming and the people who assit and engage themselves in vanilla farms.The final copy of this project will be submitted on 1st June.Your assistance will be higly appreciated.

    Vinaka Vakalevu.
    Viliame Tawanakoro

  8. Rulade veve says:

    Bula vinaka veronica:

  9. Rulade veve says:

    Bula vinaka veronica:
    I ama student of FNU, Koronivia Campus and i just wanna know some of the
    the requirements of vanilla production in your company……Can you also assist me where to find get some of my planting material from………

    Thank You.
    Rulade veve

  10. manon dharan says:

    I am interested in growing vanilla plant at my backyard in Nadi. Pse contact need seedlings.

    Awiting reply

    My phone contact 6724849