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Here’s a list of sites that link to, or the original extract tutorial. Thanks for the link!

San Francisco Weekly, Foodie: DIY Vanilla Extract
Slashfood: Hawaiian vanilla beans: get them while you can Making vanilla extract
DIY Life: Make homemade vanilla extract with vodka
Organic Indonesian Vanilla Blog
Fanny Foodbeam: Vanillin crystals
Coco&Me: Homemade vanilla extract recipe
Coco&Me:Results of the Vanilla Extract Experiment
The Orange Room: Homemade Vanilla Extract
Angry Chicken: Gift Ideas
Yellowfish: Vanilla-tastic
Jenn’s Baking Blog: A Vanilla Adventure
Lifehacker: Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

Amadeus Trading Co: In the news
Daintree Vanilla & Spice: News
Riziky: Comments
Heilala Vanilla: Vanilla news
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