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  1. I would love to be able to grow some Vanilla, simply for the fragrance…beans would be a bonus. However, I live in northern Alberta, Canada… Is it possible without building some type of greenhouse? Or is it even (only?) possible with a greenhouse?

  2. Hi! I would like to know if there is any specific organic norm for certified organic vanilla

  3. There are lots of organizations the certify organic products, they range from shady (self-certified) to well-respected (regular on-site inspections, etc). The organic standard I personally feel is best is Demeter certified products. Demter certifies the whole system, from the way a product is grown, to the effect growing it has on the local land and community. In my personal opinion, Demeter is the most holistic and trustworthy organic certification.

  4. Why do you recommend brown glass bottles for storing instead of clear? I have Watkins – it is in clear plastic. Also other types I have seen in brown plastic, not glass. Please comment on the choice of packaging.

    I am wanting to make some to put in gift baskets, and like some of the specialty bottles I am finding on line – there are fewer choices in amber glass bottles than other types, and just don’t want to make a bad choice that would ruin my investment!


  5. Brown glass is typically used for long-term storage because it is non-reactive (doesn’t leach anything into the contents, even alcohol and solvent based contents). Dark is used to block light and preserve the flavor from degrading over time.

    I steer clear from plastic because there’s usually no way for the home-user to verify the plastic in the bottle is appropriate for long term storage of a 35% alcohol mixture.

  6. my question is that is there any demand for vanilla beans in the inter national
    market ? if ,it is yes ? how much rate for one kg of dry or wet vanilla beans in the
    market ?

  7. @n.mal – that is a hard question. It depends on the quality, origin, access to market, yearly changes in harvest, etc.

  8. Dear Mallikarjuna,

    Yes there is a world demand of 4,000 metric Ton of Vanilla per year. The world market price of vanilla range from USD 150 to USD 30 per kilo , from the highest to the lowest thro out the 10 years period.

    The main importers are US and EU countries.

  9. I’d love to know more about the industrial extraction process for vanilla extract. What can they do that home producers can’t?

  10. Not much… They percolate to speed up the process, sometimes use heat, but little we can’t do at home. Industrial processes often use filters as well, but I actually prefer a cloudy vanilla.

  11. A recipe says 1 vanilla pod, I have vanilla extract and vanilla powder, can I use these and if so please advise quantity to use.

  12. How much water (percentage) is used in store brought extract? I’m a commercial baker think of making my own vanilla extract from vodka and I noticed that water is the first ingredient in store bought. Is “homemade” vanilla extract stronger than store bought, should I adjust the recipes accordingly or add water to the “homemade extract” .

  13. Can you grow vanilla in Utah?

  14. Hi Steff, yes, in indoor environment, like a greenhouse, vanilla can be grown both commercial as for the orchid collector, no problem.

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