Growing vanilla in Tanzania

Tanzania vanilla growers

Henerico Daud Buberwa (Mr. Daudi) is a Tanzanian vanilla farmer, pictured here on the left. I originally bought some of Mr. Mugabuso’s (right) Tanzanian vanilla beans from Kim, a former Peace Corps worker.

Mr. Daudi sent me a post letter describing his vanilla growing and curing techniques, and compared them to those presented in Piero Bianchessi’s fantastic vanilla plantation handbook, Vanilla, Agriculture & Curing Techniques.

Mr Daudi writes:
I have read the handbook; it is very nice one. New knowledge I’ve acquired from the book includes:

  • Other countries growing vanilla
  • Vanilla world markets
  • Vanilla spices
  • Vanilla curing techniques.

Vanilla growing programs
All growing program from preparation of shamba [ed:vineyard] to pollinating of flowers are the same as we do, though there are slight differences in approach; e.g. in case of poles (supporting poles) here we use jatrophas only, mulching we use dry grass, dry banana leaves and banana stems; also here vanillas are grown in the same shamba with bananas, cassava yams, beans coffee etc.

The pictures in the book show that in other countries vanillas are grown in the forest.

Curing techniques
From the book curing techniques seems to be long and complicated circle.

At home, after harvesting ripe vanilla we take heap of 40-50 vanilla beans and wrap them in black clean cloth, then after, the heap is exposed to the sunshine for 5-6 hours everyday for two weeks consecutively, after this period the heap is opened and vanilla beans are left at clean cool place for a week to dry slowly. Already you have nice vanilla for home use or parking.

Bad Luck
The organization which buy vanilla here at home, it interests on raw vanilla for gaining more profits.

Refer to Mugyabuso’s vanilla, it was dried in the same system as the mentioned one above. Testing of vanillin content it is still a problem at home level.

I will try to take photos from my shamba and give you more details about vanilla later.

Wish you the best.
H. Daud
1st June 2008

Henerico Daud Buberwa
c/o Meleki Emanuel Kaishozi
PO BOX 11849
Mwanza, Tanzania

Tanzania planifolia vanilla
Tanzania vanilla, first look
Tanzania vanilla beans


  1. Dear Mr. Daudi, I write you because I read your website. Among many other sites I found your’s very interesting.

    I also write because I worked 4 years at SOTEMA in Mahajanga (Majunga), Madagascar and I met my wife after she left Arusha, where her then-husband worked in a Textile Factory. Her son is a born Tanzanian.

    We have a farm in Panama (Central America) now and grow Passion-fruit.
    We have just started to buy our first Vanilla planifolia cuttings and started planting.

    We have both very good memories about our time in Africa and we left many friends but we still have all our memories.

    That is why I write you and, maybe, we will get an answer.

    Sincerely Siegfried Schwab and Pina Bombardieri

  2. I also am in Panama and would love to grow Vanilla in my Mayan themed restaurant in Boquetes beautiful mountains.
    Can you help me with the plants. I also would love to grow passionfruit.

  3. hello sir,
    i realy want to know how to get vanilla beans

  4. Heshima kwako mkuu mimi ni mkulima mdogo ninavishambavangu morogoro na mkuranga nimekuta hihabari nzuri kwenye jamiiforams nikavutiwa na kilimo hiki naomba nipate mwanga juu ya kilimo hiki kuhusu maeneo yanayo stawi na jinsi ya kupata mbegu natanguliza shukrani zangu
    Ubarikiwe mkuu

  5. Habari za leo.
    Nina shamba langu kiwangwa na nataka kulima vanilla na pilipili kichaa. Mpaka sasa nina miche 500 ya vanilla
    naomba ushauri

  6. Good morning !

    We are from AFRI TEA & COFFEE BLENDERS LTD. and want to source vanilla powder from you.

    Kindly, revert back please.


  7. habari mkuu, na mie nina shamba ambalo nimenunua hivi karibuni huko lindi ekari 50 hivi, ningependelea sana kupanda vanilla, pilipili na miti ya tambuu, ningependa kuwasiliana nawe ili nipate ujuzi na nipate kujifunza kuhusiana na ulumaji wa vitu hivyo hapo juu.

    asante sana


  8. Habari mkuu
    Mm naishi sumbwanga je vannila inaweza kustawi huku
    mbegu nitapata wapi
    kazi njema

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