Vanilla sampler wedding gift set

This is a vanilla sampler gift set that I gave as a wedding gift. It contains a selection of vanilla extracts: Madagascar planifolia and Papua New Guinea planifolia and tahitensis. Click the image for larger versions.

This would be even more luxurious if accompanied by some homemade vanilla sugar.

I really like the glass bottles with swing tops. Do you have any vanilla extract container suggestions? Please share them in the comments.

One Response to “Vanilla sampler wedding gift set”

  1. Nancy says:

    This is the perfect gift I’ve been looking for – something handmade that everyone will love that I can make now while I’m out of school (I’m a teacher). I ordered the cutest bottles from Specialty Bottle Supply. If anyone is looking for the perfect bottle, check these out. They are called the Quadra Bottle (QDRA8 is the ID number). They cost $1.38 each, hold about 8.5 oz, and arrived two days after I ordered them! I’m planning on using my Cricut machine and etching “Vanilla” down the side and maybe adding some designs around the bottle. I’m also going to include some vanilla sugar, but I haven’t decided on the canister yet. I’ll probably etch it also so the two match and it has a custom look.