Vanilla Biometrix (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Samantha at Progressive Asia Group Sdn Bhd writes that Malaysia based vanilla group Rentak Timur Sdn Bhd has changed to Vanilla Biometrix Sdn Bhd:

The company above is helping land owners to grow vanilla . The land owners will have to  come out with a capital based on acreage.  Everything will be provided by the company above. It takes 3 years for the first harvesting. When ready, Vanilla Biometrix will purchase from the land owners and do the curing. Vanilla Biometrix will produce by products eg. vanilla pods, extract etc. and sell.

They will fax a spec sheet for the vanilla plantation costing.

Thanks for the update Samantha.


  1. l like to involve in vanilla plantation, where i can get the vanilla seeds in malaysia

  2. We are in vanilla business, we are a nursery provider, we have vanilla sample plot for public to view and we have ready cuttings stock fos sales. The cuttings are ready for planting now. My contact is 012 8834466 or email You are welcome to view our nursery or sample plot at Tinggian Demak, Jalan Demak, Kuching.

  3. One sad thing that we observed following the great interest in planting vanilla is the emergence of individuals and companies, especially in Sarawak, who are taking advantage of this development to make fast bug by buying cutting from overseas and selling it as planting materials without propagating the plant under quarantine first. Knowing that vanilla nursery is a short-term business all they are interested is making quick profit without any consideration about potential spread of diseases. Once sold, they claim no further responsibility on what will happen to the planters. We saw this as very bad for the vanilla industry. The government should arrest this problem at the bud before it causes damage to this young and potentially lucrative industry. Some nursery “owner” even went to the extent to say that they have big vanilla farm. I know of one who even claim in the media that he has a big matured farm eventhough he only come to know about vanilla in November 2008 from us.

  4. I’am interested in vanilla plantation,
    is there any place that i can get vanilla seeds for sale in peninsular area,
    please send me more info on this..

  5. is there any course given for those who want to involve in Vanilla plantation?

  6. We are an NGO that help marginalize communities. We wish to start vanilla cultivation at our centre in Perak and hope to get help from you. We needs to know where to get the seedlings and how much it cost for say 100 seedlings.
    Also is there any course on vanilla cultivation?

  7. I’m interested in vanilla plantation n my uncle whom is staying in kelantan have a piece of land wanted to grow this kind of plant. He need to know more on how to grow n plant this things. Does it need to have a specific kind of soil. Is there a course for this.

  8. I am very fond of vanilla. Not that I want to have a plantation, but just for the pleasure of it. Would you allow me to plant at my backyard? Also, is there anyone selling seedlings near KL or anywhere in Selangor?

  9. I have planted around 1000 plants in Jeli. Kelantan. Is there any body nearby who plants vanilla, I like like to share information and common problems.


  10. hi
    is there any course given for those who want to involve in Vanilla plantation?

  11. I have a 5 hectares vanilla plantation in Lanchang, Pahang under the TKPM scheme from the MOA and my vanilla plants is currently blooming. We applied the hand pollination method and its has a 70% successfull rate turning into vanilla pods.

  12. I am very interested to know everything regarding plantation of vanilla….plz share those information…cost….and problem occurred while doing this vanilla plantation…


  13. iam interested about this plantation have any course whos want to involve
    and plz update tq

  14. i am interested about this plantation from kuching sarawak.can i not about to plant and etc..and how u company can help if we interested..we have land but not capitel.tq

  15. -daniel yap

    can you elaborate more on the tkpm scheme from the moa? I am very interested in vanilla cultivation for commercial purposes

  16. I m a landscape contrator, need urgently 100nos of vanilla plant OH 1 meter. Pls qoute me. Tq

  17. what is happening to Vanilla Biometrix (M) Sn Bh, ex Rentak Timur Vanilla that was supposed to lead vanilla planting in Malaysia. Did they quit after assuring those eager vanilla planters about this so called green gold? Can’t find their website anymore. Can someone out there give an answer?

  18. I am very interested in the vanilla plant prospect in Malaysia. I am earger to venture into this business. If anyone out there interested to guide and help me ?

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