Longest vanilla bean award

The “Longest Bean” award is just a fun way to juxtapose different beans and highlight the biggest vanilla beans reviewed at this site.

Click the picture for bigger sizes. See all the past winners in the Longest vanilla bean gallery.

[singlepic=433,320,240,,center]Longest: Villa Vanilla/Rainforestspices.com (Costa Rica) Planifolia (Longest, August 2008)

[singlepic=340,320,240,,center]Longer: Heilala Vanilla (Tonga) Planifolia (Longest, April 2008)

[singlepic=341,320,240,,center]Long: Organic Vanilla Bean Co 8″+ (PNG) Planifolia (Longest, February 2008)

Past Winners See all the past winners in the Longest vanilla bean gallery.

[singlepic=339,320,240,,center]Beanilla PNG XL “Gourmet Bourbon” (Longest, January 2008)

[singlepic=342,320,240,,center]Venui Vanilla (Vanuatu) Planifolia (Long, March 2008)

[singlepic=338,320,240,,center]Amadeus Uganda Gold (Longest, December 2007)

[singlepic=337,320,240,,center]Amadeus Indonesia (Longer, December 2007)

2 Responses to “Longest vanilla bean award”

  1. James Thorpe says:

    Just opened a kg of our organic beans from a batch of beans which came into Europe today from our plantation in the Tonga, and it was easy for me to immediately pull out 10 beans between 23- 25 cm in length. Im not going for the length record (because this is normal for us) but I counted the beans and there were only 153 beans to the Kg, making an average of 6.5 grams a bean. In addition we just had the vanillin content of our beans tested by an FDA approved company using chemical analysis methodology, and that shows that they contain 2.65% vanillin, which is up there with the highest in the world.

  2. Polikalepo Kefu says:

    I have been contacted to take a picture of an organic Vanilla beans of 27.5cm in one of our Vanilla Exporter. This would believed to break the World Longest Vanilla. It happen to be in Tonga at the ongoing harvesting season to out local growers. Have been granted Organic Certification from NASAA..So proud of this, will be sending photos after wrapping up my story from Future Organic Farmers of Tonga, Tonga National Youth Congress, Nuku’alofa, TONGA

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