Tanzania vanilla beans

Check out this eBay listing for Tanzanian vanilla beans (*update* it’s all gone now! **Update II** – ebay listing is no longer available). I had a nice conversation with the seller, Kim. Kim met the vanilla growers while working as a teacher with the Peace Corps. Everything above the cost of shipping will be sent back to Tanzania to cover the cost of school and school supplies.

Kim received a bit more than the amount offered on eBay — if you’re interested in getting vanilla and supporting a good cause, write to Kim through eBay. Kim is willing to break up the lot to some extent if it doesn’t sell on eBay, but would prefer to make as few trips to the post office as possible.

[singlepic=206,320,240,,center]Tanzania vanilla growers


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  1. hasheem divundame says:

    surely i real appreciate this product since friend of mine mr henry sent to me this web and encouraging me on vanilla growing i have attracted with so how will i start producing this product?